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Simpler Travel Retailing – Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Hello Simplicity


The best retailing experiences are simple

Say hello to the latest Travelport+ release that’s simplifying retailing for everyone. Agents get faster, smarter, and more profitable ways to sell. Suppliers have new and easier ways to connect and service NDC bookings. And travelers benefit from new tools for changing and managing trips themselves.

More NDC Content

More and more airline agreements and NDC enhancements mean easier access to NDC offers, more choice and better servicing, with richer hotel content to boot.

Smarter Upsells

Browse, shop, compare brands, and spot more upsell opportunities — including NDC offers.

Boost Your Revenues

New tools help agents earn more from hotel sales and simplify mark-up for air fares.

Smoother Quotes & Ticketing

Creating trip itineraries and quotes has never been easier. And, new tools make complex ticketing and exchanges a piece of cake.

More self-service

More customer self-service means more upsell opportunities and reward for you, and a faster, better experience for travelers.

Solving complexity through design 

The best user experiences are simple ones.
Design-led products support decision-making, built-trust,
and react quickly to changing customer needs.

Insight: How the world of B2B has changed 

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