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Even More Choice – Chapter 4

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More content, made simple

Say hello to an even wider range of travel content, that’s easier to search, shop, and book. Agents can now sell more air, hotel, and car offers. Which is good news for suppliers, who can reach even more of the right customers and earn more. And travelers benefit too, as more options means a better customer experience. Win win win.

More air

Our list of NDC-ready airlines just got even bigger. We're introducing Air France-KLM NDC content through Travelport+, and the rollout of Lufthansa Group NDC starts soon. But that's not all, we're also adding three new carriers, 11 new ancillaries, and even more Branded Fares.
More air

More hotel

Our new partnership with unlocks a range of pre and post-pay rates across our 140,000+ properties. We're also standardizing more hotel content to make searching, comparing, and selling even easier.
More hotel

More car

Start your engines. Agents and travelers get even more car rental options to choose from, as Hertz pre-paid rates are rolling out on Travelport+.
More car

Coming soon: exchanges

The journey to faster, easier, and simpler ticket exchanges starts here. Introducing an improved graphical workflow that automates complex ticket-exchange tasks, complete with pre-validated alternative flight-options, up-front fee information, and fully automated transactions.
Coming soon: exchanges

What our customers are saying

By offering travel retailers a wider range of rates for accommodations via Travelport+, is making it easier for them to search and book the most desirable options. With more information and more choices all in one place, together, we’re creating a smarter, simpler shopping experience for everyone.

Jeremy Cornuau
Director Global Distribution Partnerships

We are delighted to provide Hertz prepaid rates on Travelport+. This additional content will further our relationships with our mutual agency partners and ensure customers have a choice when selecting the ideal product for their travels.

Cheryl Reynolds
Senior Director, Distribution Strategy and Revenue Integrity

We’re pleased to expand our cooperation with Travelport to make our NDC content and services accessible through Travelport+. This is an important step in our distribution strategy, complementing our existing NDC distribution network.

Pieter Bootsma
Chief Revenue Officer
Air France-KLM

Travelport’s new supplier content will open up exciting new opportunities for us, and ensure that we get access to the very best fares.

Matthew Truin
Director of Global Supplier Relations
Diversity Travel
Diversity Travel

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