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Enabling global growth

How Travelport+ gives Unififi the edge
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Customer: Unififi
Channel: Agency
Product: Travelport+

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Unififi is a B2B flight booking agency that provides solutions to travel businesses around the world. It has big plans for growth — but to make that happen it needs access to a world of content choice. Unififi wanted technology that could deliver, and so it chose Travelport+.

Afra Wang, Co-Founder and COO of Unififi, told us how the platform has helped to support the business’ growth ambitions. In this video, you’ll hear her explain how Travelport+ has opened doors, simplified content choice, and enabled better retailing.

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We’re thrilled to have a technology partner who can provide access to better content choices coupled with exciting retailing capabilities that will support our global growth ambitions.
Afra Wang Co-Founder and COO, Unififi
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