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Travelport Insights


Travelport Insights is an intelligent data solution that goes beyond a simple data feed. Unlike other insights tools, it includes valuable access to experienced, travel-focused data experts.

Travelport Insights gives you a clear picture of your competitive position, helping you understand traveler behavior so you can choose the right commercial strategy to grow your revenues.

Why Travelport Insights?

Accurate data and Intelligent Insight

Take the guesswork out of your next move. Travelport Insights sets you up to compete in a fast-changing market, where the competitor landscape and traveler needs are constantly evolving. Our accurate and timely intel will give you peace of mind you’re making informed strategic decisions.

Unique competitive insight

Get access to data and competitive insights that covers every step of the traveler journey. Our solutions provide a complete view from searching through booking and travel, allowing you to take the right action at the right time.

Identify the most valuable opportunities

Understanding the size and value of opportunities, and therefore which ones to prioritize is complicated without access to accurate data. We can help you identify the key opportunities you’re missing out on, from marketing and expansion planning, to ensuring the optimal use of your assets.

Grow your business

Travelport Insights ensures that you can quickly and accurately tailor your strategy to towards consumer demand. With our rapid development and deployment of new analytics, we can ensure you always have the information you need, whenever you need it.

Destination Insights

Designed for Destination Marketing Organizations, plus Hotel and Car suppliers. It offers more insight on where travelers are arriving from, what class they are traveling in, how far in advance they book, and whether they’re traveling alone, as a couple or as a group.

Destination Insights is a traveler analytics portal through the eyes of a destination.

Destination insights enables you to:

  • Efficiently plan marketing strategies towards consumer demand
  • Shape a clear view of your competitive market space
  • Define traveler audiences, identify the right time to start campaigns for maximum impact
  • See how volumes are trending for the past and future
  • Market the right opportunity at the right time to respond quickly to shifting demands
  • Look further than your top feeder origins

Visualize long-term future and historical demand, the understanding impact of cancellations on traveler volumes

Learn more about traveler demand by tabulating trip and traveler characteristics and respond to fluctuations in demand by focusing on areas of recent growth

Air Search Insights

Our Air Search Insights is designed for Airlines, Destination Marketing Organizations, Hotel and Car suppliers. It provides intel on true traveler intent through a wealth of daily air search data,. Our daily air search data provides the ability to see traveler confidence returning as global travel restrictions continue to ease.

Users get access to a dashboard that removes robotic searches to present only the most valuable and accurate available data. And, you can find what you need quickly and easily though an intuitive self-service tool on the portal.

Air Search insights enables you to:

  • Spot increases in air search travel on routes and destinations of interest
  • Investigate the impact of seasonality and other factors year on year
  • Identify search behaviors of potential travelers
  • Understand which markets to focus sales and marketing spend, and when to do it
  • React to market trends earlier than your competitors
  • Focus efforts on popular routes and avoid bringing on unprofitable routes
  • Allow you to see spikes in routes and destination bookings before they occur

Access weekly search volume over time, with average lead time (days between search and travel dates)

See heat maps showing regional fluctuations in weekly shopping trends and intended travel periods

RC&B Airline Insights

Our RC&B Insights tool is designed for global and regional airlines, Low Cost Carriers and Airline Groups and Alliances. It provides comprehensive performance data on your airline’s products, so you can see when, where, and how RC&B upsell on these offers occurs. Users can compare an airline’s progress to a regional benchmark on an intuitive, self-service dashboard.

  • See how you are performing in relation to competitors
  • See how brands perform depending on location, agency, time, and route
  • See which routes are likely to see upsell and encourage RC&B interactions
  • Understand where customers are more likely to use RC&B and drive upsell
  • Pinpoint areas for improvement and reconsider your fare family and brands structure
  • Use this for testing new promotions, running specific campaigns, or seeing the success of a new fare
  • Understand how often specific agents upsell, and target sales & marketing accordingly

See RC&B interaction rate (how often RC&B is interacted with when RC&B content is presented to a travel agent) for a European carrier, as well as a European benchmark (average interaction rate for all European carriers). And Online search requests that returned RC&B content, split by country point of sale

RC&B upsell data (total revenue as a direct result of RC&B being used) by month and top level metrics; pricing requests for offline agents, offline interaction rate, and online search requests

What our customers are saying

We consider it as a good move from Travelport to share and develop the reporting part, especially in terms of self service. The greatest value from the platform is the ability to understand the tangible value of Rich Content and Branding and its impact on revenue, which may allow us to better understand the market. Data allow to take up strategic decisions with focus on the markets that require further development to gain revenue.

Paweł Kordaszewski
GDS Distribution Specialist
LOT Polish Airlines
LOT Polish Airlines

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