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Whether your business is a network carrier or a low-cost carrier, our Travel Commerce Platform can help you increase revenues, lower costs and efficiently reach travel buyers in every channel on nearly every continent. Over 400 airline partners around the globe have already chosen Travelport. Discover why your airline should join them on our platform.

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With you, whatever route you choose

Staying one step ahead of the ever-changing travel landscape is key to your airline’s success, as travelers become increasingly savvy and continuous technology advancements drive higher expectations.

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See how you can turn challenges into opportunities thanks to the latest traveltech developments.

Network carriers

Recreating and enhancing value

Global network airlines like yours are the reason Travelport started business over 40 years ago. We understand the importance of multi-channel marketing for your growth strategies, the value of away-segments to your profitability and how essential your IT infrastructure is to split-second passenger record accuracy.

Our Travel Commerce Platform lets you connect in the way you want, via established industry standards as well as through new API technologies. You can start sharing and promoting your unique content with our travel agencies, corporate travel buyers and travel developers who want to access your inventory.

For network carriers, our Travelport Merchandising Suite helps you maximize revenues and profitability by allowing more control of complex revenue management strategies in the indirect channel. This includes the sale of ancillary services, and the ability to clearly communicate and differentiate your value proposition to travel agencies, travel buyers and travelers on a global scale.


Extending our product offering and reach

See how Delta's strategic decision to compete with low-cost carriers is made possible.

Low-cost carriers

Consistency across indirect and direct sales channels

Low-cost carriers like yours have revolutionized the way the world travels, but you’ve also changed the way the industry works too. By adopting the new technologies, marketing techniques and pricing models that have made your airline a success, you’ve highlighted how out-of-date the old GDS model was – and why it was ripe for re-invention.

Through our Travel Commerce Platform you can connect via API technologies and start sharing and promoting your content with our travel agencies, corporate travel buyers and travel developers who are searching now, to sell and buy your products.

For low-cost carriers, our Travelport Merchandising Suite helps you maximize revenues and profitability by enabling participation in our platform using API connectivity, and supporting the sale of ancillary services to and through a global network of travel agencies.


Partnering with Travelport for success

Understand how easyJet reaches out to more business travelers.

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Our platform can help maximize your airline’s distribution and reach through our Travelport Merchandising Suite. We complement that side of our business with IT solutions, business intelligence services and targeted marketing promotions.

"Travelport's Merchandising Suite allows us to customize our product display and content within Travelport Smartpoint. This provides enhanced functionality which allows Avianca to include product descriptions, images and branding information for eligible itineraries."
Carlos Duran, Avianca, VP of Marketing and Sales


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