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For the

The Future
of Travel Retail

Where others see uncertainty, we see a world of possibility.

Times have changed. Radically so. Yet while other industries have pushed the boundaries of retailing innovation, travel stayed the same. Now, we want what they’ve got – and that demands huge transformation.

Watch our webinar about the future of travel retail and the monumental change that’s to come.

Listen to Jen Catto, CMO at Travelport, delving into the minds of travelers, to uncover why travel retailing is broken — and how it can be fixed —exclusively revealing the results of our retailing research.

Then find out from Travelport’s CPTO, Tom Kershaw, how we’re reinventing travel retailing and what we’re doing in Travelport to deliver on our vision for the future.

Finally hear from Sam Hilgendorf, CIO at Fox World Travel, about how they’re navigating the complex world of retailing and how Travelport is helping them on their journey.

The Future of Travel Retail

Webinar recordings are also available in other languages: German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

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