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Powering More Stays:  Whether you run a global hotel chain, an independent hotel or boutique property, our platform connects you to travel agencies and corporate travellers across the world. We enable you to market your properties with branded content and targeted promotions through our platform to global travel buyers and incorporate your portfolio into travel apps and websites through Travelport’s Universal API. Discover why over 650,000 hotel properties connect through Travelport to travel agencies in over 180 countries. Learn more about our provider offering here.

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Want to boost your occupancy rates?

There are some 14.5 million hotel rooms to be filled every night across the world. Incredibly, around a quarter of these rooms go unsold – with even the big chains only managing occupancy of around 65%.

As a hotel chain you may possess the size and scale to market and sell rooms to potential guests worldwide via direct channels, and yet Travelport’s global reach to approximately 68,000 travel agency locations, can add significant incremental value when it comes to increasing occupancy rates.

More importantly, the Average Daily Rate (ADR) that hotels achieve through our platform is on a par with bookings from hotel call centers – the highest type of revenue-generating bookings that hotels achieve today. The difference is that bookings via Travelport come at a significantly lower cost.

We see enormous scope for further growth, and we’d like you to be part of that.

The way you connect to our global Travel Commerce Platform is designed to suit your unique IT strategy and capabilities. Remember, a fee is only payable to us when a booking is made.

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Independent and boutique hotels

Has your hotel brand gone global?

Independent and boutique hotels represent 84% of the world’s hotels. Outside of North America, chain hotels account for less than 20% of all hotel properties whereas in Europe, and in Asia particularly, there is a much larger independent (or non-chain) hotel portfolio.

When you connect to our Travel Commerce Platform, you'd benefit from a flexible and cost effective way to integrate your inventory. At the same time, we enable you to launch and promote your brand globally by delivering immediate news and relevant offers to over 234,000 travel agency desktops at the point of purchase.

As part of our portfolio the Travelport Hotelzon Extranet plays another vital role in increasing those valuable corporate bookings allowing you to spend quality time with your guests and watch those important business traveler bookings grow.

The extranet can support negotiated and special rates you have with any of your corporate clients, and also deliver helpful reporting for when the contract is ready to be renewed. Our dedicated team of experts is there to help you to get started or whenever you need assistance in the future. If you use a channel manager, let us know. 

If finding business travelers from outside your local area is a challenge then we can calculate and capture location-relevant flight booking data to understand and convert these opportunities.


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We provide flexible ways to connect to our platform alongside a wide range of tools that allow you to market your properties with branded content and targeted promotions at the right time of purchase in the sales process.

"Travelport Digital Media Solutions drove a 100% increase in sales in just one year, which is a fantastic result for us."
Mathieu Jauneau, Director of Revenue Management, Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile


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