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Right message, right customer, right time

How Webjet are increasing their market share
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Customer: Webjet
Channel: Online Travel Agent

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Webjet wanted to improve its data insight capabilities. To increase market share and growth initiatives, it needed a partner who could provide accurate and timely market, price, and competitor data analysis.

Travelport provided Webjet with detailed weekly reports that connect both a secondary data source on market pricing — alongside Travelport’s own market data on volume. This enabled us to build an easy to use dashboard, which details flight price for major Origins & Destinations (O&Ds) — by flight type, lead time and airline — and also provides insight into competitor pricing and offers.

Understanding which O&Ds to compete with, and consumer behaviour

Travelport’s global travel industry data analysis has helped to uncover the most relevant and competitive O&D pairs in the market vs its peers, including lead times and traveler personas. This has helped Webjet to better understand consumer behaviour and latest trending pairs, which in turn helps them to run the right campaigns, targeting the right customer, at the right time

Actionable insight into peer promotions and market share

Our Weekly Analysis gives Webjet valuable insight that enables them to benchmark their pricing against the rest of the market on a weekly basis. Webjet can quickly see the price difference and discount they would need to provide to compete on price, helping decision-making. All of this enables Webjet to maintain a competitive edge in the market.

A complete view of competitor and consumer behaviour

The easy-to-use dashboard and timely market insight allows Webjet to respond quickly to competitor offers and consumer behaviour, helping to promote the most relevant content, improve its content offer and increase market share.

Support negotiations and communications with airlines

Access to this data has also enabled Webjet to improve its negotiating position and conversations with Airline partners, creating opportunities for airline sponsored marketing campaigns.

Our partnership with the OTA Data Consultancy team at Travelport has given us some fantastic market insight, ensuring we are always remaining competitive in the market and able to promote the right offer at the right time to our customers.
Martin Rowe Head of Products & Analytics, Webjet
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