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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

An inclusive culture where diversity is welcomed

The key mission of Travelport’s Inclusion & Diversity (ID) program is to promote an inclusive, respectful workplace through open discovery and uncovering issues that are specific to the needs of our diverse community across the organization.

How we work

Our diversity connects us. We’re advancing inclusion with Travelport ID by celebrating our diverse workforce and creating a space that allows our team members to feel fully engaged within their working environments. Travelport ID’s global internal champions work together to create a space for an on-going sounding board that provides feedback regarding strategic diversity objectives within the organization to help create a more inclusive work environment.


Travelport ID

Our approach to diversity, equity and inclusion

Our programs and initiatives that take place throughout the year, both regionally and globally, follow various formats to focus on seven programmatic themes: Disabilities, Ethnicity, Gender, LGBTQ+, Mental Health and Neurodiversity. Many of our global programs are presented virtually and recorded so that all employees across time zones and working environments may participate.

At Travelport, we pride ourselves in a culture that puts our people first. We are an organization that understands the diversity of our teams is the key to our success. Providing an inclusive work environment with an established sense of belonging is embedded in our company’s DNA. Our Travelport Inclusion & Diversity (ID) experience for our colleague’s implements focuses on cultivating a culture that thrives on the diversity of its people.

Phil Donnelly,
Chief People Officer, Travelport

Equal work
Equal pay

At Travelport, we have built a company culture focused on inclusivity, diversity and fairness. And we are open and clear about developments within our organization. This report explains the state of the gender pay gap at Travelport in 2018 and details the steps we are taking for improvement.

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