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Executive Management

Mark Harris

Head of Global Solutions Delivery
Mark Harris provides technical and strategic leadership to over 1,500 technology professionals responsible for all aspects of application delivery and software engineering at Travelport


Leadership team

What’s your favourite travel destination in the world?
The world is too big, and varied, to have just one favourite travel destination – I love Skiing in the Alps, renting villas around the Mediterranean and short city breaks to soak up other cultures. Lockdown/Travel restrictions permitting, I hope to spend a few weeks in Asia in Summer 2021

Plan everything or keep it flexible?
Keep it flexible, I hate making plans outside of work.

Who has been your biggest influence?
I have had the privilege to work with many great leaders over my careers and I carry forward aspects of things I’ve picked up from each of them.

Fancy restaurant meal or homecooked comfort food?
After nearly a year of Lockdown, Fancy Restaurant Meal.

Early adopter or gadget challenged?
Early adopter

If I wasn’t part of Travelport’s SLT, I’d be…
Still working in IT, as I have a passion for Technology, either working with IT teams in Travel or another industry and taking on some new challenges.

Mark uses technology and strategic thinking to help define company strategy, ensure alignment with Travelport and Customer business goals, and deliver high quality and highly performance technical solutions that help drive new capabilities, productivity, efficiencies and competitive advantage.

Mark has been at Travelport since 1995 and has served in numerous leadership positions across Commercial, Customer Operations & Support, Telecommunications and Application Development. He has been critical in leading many large-scale change initiatives driving effectiveness and efficiency improvements.

Mark has spent his career to date in the Travel Industry. Prior to joining Travelport he held several different commercial and technology roles in the Travel agency sector.

Mark resides in the UK with his wife and two children and enjoys road cycling in his spare time.

I love Skiing in the Alps, renting villas around the Mediterranean and short city breaks to soak up other cultures
Mark Harris
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