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Travelport develops and maintains application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs) to facilitate access to Travelport technology. Over the years, some developers have used this access to compete against Travelport in core content categories and/or to create products that directly compete against Travelport products.


The purpose of this Policy is to define Travelport’s approach to managing the content developed by API/SDK users and to set out the process under which an exception to the Travelport API and SDK Content Policy will be considered. No exception is authorized or may be communicated until written approval has been provided in accordance with the approval process set out below.

Policy Statements

  • Developers may not use a Travelport API or SDK to create products in Core Categories or products that compete against Travelport products (e.g., third party itinerary tools).
  • Developers that create such products may not be allowed access to Travelport APIs and SDKs, as determined by Travelport in its sole discretion.

“Core Category” Definition

“Core Category” means a travel industry service provider category that has been historically offered through Travelport’s global distribution systems, such as air (including low cost carriers), car rental, rail, other ground transportation, hotel and other accommodation providers, advertising, ad preferencing, and air/car/hotel merchandising.

Exception Approval Process

Exceptions to this Policy will considered and may be approved by a committee consisting of the following participants:

  • Head of Commercial for the content area
  • Head of Global Sales (to represent subscribers)
  • Head of Partnerships & Alliances
  • Product portfolio lead for the content area
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