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The art of the upsell

How Atrápalo gets their customers the best choice and value
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Customer: Atrápalo
Channel: Online Travel Agent

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To succeed in competitive global markets, online travel agencies (OTAs) need to differentiate their offers and deliver the best customer experiences. This is the case for Barcelona-based agency, Atrápalo. The agency’s success is based on a non-traditional business model, targeting customers year-round with show tickets, restaurant bookings, and more – all in their home cities.

However, a significant percentage of Atrápalo’s revenue still comes from flight sales, and the company is always looking for ways to improve its air fare offerings. When its highest selling airlines in Europe and Latin America began offering unbundled fare options, Atrápalo wanted to make these available to customers through its platform.

“If a customer wants the lowest-cost fare available, or an upsell fare that includes check-in baggage or a seat reservation, we want to give them that choice. We also want to ensure that customers know exactly what they’re getting with each fare – especially in Latin America where unbundled travel options are still relatively new.”

– Roberto Ramos, Director of Strategic Alliances at Atrápalo

Fast and easy implementation

To offer customers the best possible choice and value, Atrápalo chose Travelport Branded Fares. As it was already using the Travelport Universal API, the implementation process was fast and easy, and now offers upsell fares from 20 airlines across Europe, North America, and Latin America.

“We were able to roll out Travelport Branded Fares for our first airline in just three months from end to end and adding subsequent airlines has been very quick and simple.”
– Roberto Ramos, Director of Strategic Alliances at Atrápalo

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Lower abandonment, higher conversion

Atrápalo’s customers can now book the ideal fare for their needs—whether that’s a basic, no-frills option or a fare with check-in baggage, seat reservations, or flexibility to change dates. The abandonment rate for its branded fares page is now just 3% – which means 97% of people continue to the next screen in the booking process. In fact, fewer people abandon this page than any other page on the Atrápalo website.

“By providing more choice, we can make our offers more compelling, increase our conversion, and—most importantly—keep our customers coming back.”

Increasing upsell revenue

Atrápalo has already seen huge demand for upsell fares, with up to 30% of customers choosing options that include baggage or seat reservations. The OTA hopes to drive incremental revenues with Travelport Branded Fares in the future.

“Once airlines understand the true extent of the demand, we hope they will increase commissions for upsell fares, which would contribute to higher revenues for Atrápalo.”

A better customer experience

Travelport Branded Fares helps Atrápalo’s customers to understand their fares better; especially in countries where fare unbundling is relatively new.

“We’ve created a simple screen that shows customers exactly what’s included in the price before they book a fare. This makes the process transparent and easy—even if a passenger is seeing these kinds of upsell options for the first time.”

Personalized travel options

Atrápalo sees Travelport Branded Fares as a critical tool that customers can use for ‘self-personalization’.

By providing more choice, we can make our offers more compelling, increase our conversion, and—most importantly—keep our customers coming back.
Roberto Ramos Director of Strategic Alliances at Atrápalo
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