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Built for life on the road

How BCD Travel helped simplify the travel experience with Tripsource ®
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Customer: BCD Travel
Channel: Travel Management Company

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For BCD Travel it is essential to maintain its position in the marketplace as the leading partner to corporates. Because of this BCD Travel invests in a high-end, sophisticated mobile and digital strategy.

Leveraging innovative digital travel services BCD Travel has partnered with Travelport to create Tripsource®— an end-to-end mobile trip management platform focused on simplifying the travel experience, increasing traveler engagement and delivering a superior service for travelers.

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Simplifying the travel experience

End-to-end trip management

Tripsource® was built to make life on the road as easy as possible for corporate travelers. It offers an end-to-end trip management platform that provides travelers with everything they need for a seamless and productive trip experience.

“This app has improved dramatically over time. It now works perfectly and seamlessly, importing all of the details from my trips. It keeps me up to date on my flights with delay info almost faster than the airlines own app. Reminds me to check in as well.”

– Apple Store user, 04/14/2018

Increasing traveler engagement

Customized messages direct to the traveler’s device

Using real-time messaging capabilities Tripsource® provides travel updates such as flight delays, gate changes, risk alerts and reminders as well as company-specific information to keep travelers engaged while they are on the road.

“Very helpful for keeping me updated in real time about my trip reservation and itineraries. In case of any incident there us a button where I can quickly mark myself as safe. I really recommend this app!”

– Google Play Store user, 24 May 2019

Extending to a multi-device travel experience

Travelers can access TripSource® online from their PC, tablet or smartphone, enabling BCD Travel’s clients to connect with their end-travelers at even more touchpoints.

Delivering superior service for business travelers

Keeping travelers informed & in control

Tripsource® uses dynamic trip information, detailed itineraries, outside bookings, smart messaging and self-serve features such as click-to-call to put the traveler in control and ensure a seamless day of travel experience.

Hotel booking made easy

Incorporating hotel booking capabilities Tripsource® helps travelers easily identify hotels that are within company policy and automatically adds any reservations to their trip itinerary.

Since we chose Travelport we have not looked back. They have been by far one of the best partners in development we’ve ever had.
John Snyder President & CEO, BCD Travel
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