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How Travelport helped easyJet become the highest-rated airline app in the world

For easyJet, embracing the latest mobile technology to improve the travel experience has been a primary focus for the airline. easyJet pioneered the use of innovative mobile features to drive new revenues, minimize disruption, and increase traveler engagement through great mobile experiences.

To continue driving innovation forward, easyJet wanted to implement new, industry-first features into its mobile app to deliver an even more frictionless mobile experience for app users.

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Creating new revenue streams through mobile

Enhanced search experiences

Visual – Look&Book – in an industry first, we integrated a new ‘Look&Book’ app feature that allows easyJet customers to upload an image to the app and book their dream holiday. Using the feature, travelers book flights using just a photo, without even needing to know the destination. The image recognition technology identifies the location and matches the photo to over 1000 European destinations. The app then pre-populates its booking form with flight details to the nearest airport – allowing users to turn Instagram daydreams into bookings in just a few taps.

Voice: Speak Now – built in partnership with Travelport and Google Cloud, the Speak Now app feature enables customers to search for flights using voice recognition technology. The intuitive system, powered by artificial intelligence technology uses Dialogflow, Google’s natural language understanding tool. The feature asks questions to determine the exact booking criteria customers require, meaning it’s effortless to narrow down criteria such as destination, date and airports they want to fly from. Speak Now eliminates the time to search from 12 taps to a few vocal steps taking just seconds.

Effortless booking experiences

Seamless booking flows – for easyJet, 23% of bookings are now mobile. easyJet drives 50% more bookings through mobile users by providing a fully optimized booking flow with the ability to add flight ancillaries such as extra baggage, sports equipment, insurance, and GetYourGuide.

One-touch payment – using a secure, fast one-touch payment feature paying is as easy as placing your finger on Touch ID to authenticate. Apple Pay now represents 13% of all mobile app transactions and is offered on both the easyJet app and web.

Digital experiences that increase engagement

Real-time messaging – through the use of real-time messaging capabilities, easyJet sends tens of millions of personalized push notifications per campaign to ensure passengers are kept up to date with relevant flight status alerts, promotions and trip information at exactly the right moment.

Minimizing disruption within the travel experience

Removing friction points – incorporating capabilities such as Touch ID, mobile check-in and passport scanning, easyJet makes the travel experience easier by allowing passengers to quickly navigate time-consuming tasks in seconds. More recently, easyJet introduced its AR cabin bag sizer, a feature that enables travelers to use the camera on their phone to check if their bag will fit in the overhead bin.

Day of travel assistance – using live data sources, geo-location, flight itineraries and real-time messaging the easyJet app ensures a stress-free day of travel experience.


With Travelport’s help, easyJet became the first:

  • Airline in the world to integrate FlightRadar24
  • Airline in the world to implement visual search (compatible with Instagram)
  • Airline in Europe to launch passport scanning
  • Airline in Europe to use iBeacons
  • Airline in Europe to have Apple Pay on both mobile and web
  • Airline in the world to offer voice search

Creating a more efficient travel experience with mobile boarding passes

With a steady year-on-year increase in the volume of passengers using their app for mobile check-in easyJet have been able to improve efficiencies that help reduce overall support costs.

easyjet mobile usage

Mobile experiences that build your brand profile

easyJet prides itself on providing travelers with award-winning mobile experiences. Since launch easyJet’s mobile app has won more than 15 industry accolades, been ranked in the Top 5 Travel Apps Chart in 94 countries and has held the No.1 position in the App Store in 49 countries.

easyJet is now widely recognized as the trend-setter of mobile travel experiences and in 2019, the airline’s app earned its place as the best in the world. Topping finalists KLM, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, and United Airlines, easyJet was crowned winner at the Battle of the Apps at the 2019 World Aviation Festival.

With a steady year-on-year increase in the volume of passengers using their app for mobile check-in, easyJet have been able to improve efficiencies that help reduce overall support costs.
Dan Young Head of Apps & Digital, easyJet
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