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Tracking ROI for business trips

How Travelport+ makes travel retailing simpler
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Customer: SalesTrip
Channel: Travel Partner & Agency
Product: Travelport+

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SalesTrip is a business travel and expense management solution on Salesforce. Like Travelport, it’s always been an advocate for simplifying travel retailing. So it made sense to join forces with a like-minded technology partner to deliver better options for its customers.

Eoin Landers, VP of Product at SalesTrip, explained how Travelport+ has helped to simplify retailing for the business. In this video, he talks about how this single platform has helped to reduce API complexities, and made it easier to manage end-to-end travel and expenses.

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We've always advocated for simpler business travel, so we're really excited by Travelport+. This single platform removes API complexities, and allows us to manage end-to-end travel and expenses.
Eoin Landers VP of Product, SalesTrip
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