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Data and technology

Data and technology are the big enablers for modern retailing. While travel is complex, it shouldn’t feel that way for the customer. They want to deal with a single point of sale, but to deliver on this, retailers need to…

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Consumers expect brands to know them inside out. Modern retailers excel by merchandizing in the customer’s interests, and travel needs to get better at this. We must make it easier for consumers to find the right products, provide clarity on…

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Content and product

Modern retailing is about giving customers choices and helping them make decisions. Only agencies can do this really well, because only they can assess customers’ needs and help them find the right product. This prevents buyers’ remorse and disappointment by…

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Customer experience and service

Truly modern retailers prioritize the customer’s needs, behaviors, and wants over selling. They’re at the heart of the entire experience. Travel needs to match the standards that companies like Amazon are offering, with easy-to-use self-service tools and round-the-clock support. We…

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Brand values and trust

Differentiation makes all the difference. To achieve it, travel retailers should be concentrating on adding value, not price wars. Without that differentiation, there’s no trust, and without trust there’s no transaction — or at least, no meaningful transaction. When buyers…

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