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Executive Management

Tom Kershaw

Chief Product & Technology Officer
Tom Kershaw started at Travelport in June 2021 as Chief Product & Technology Officer


Leadership team

What’s your favourite travel destination in the world?
I think my favorite spot is still Joshua Tree National Park, which is both beautiful, treacherous and super-fun. There is a groovy little saloon there called Pappy and Harriets that has the best food and also hosts amazing concerts. I think Paul McCartney has played there, along with bands I love like Yo La Tengo and Lucinda Williams.

Your desert island disk?
I can’t pick just one, but if I have the Bee Gees, Velvet Underground and the Clash I can probably survive eating nuts and berries for a few months at least.

Plan everything or keep it flexible?
Plan everything and have a back up plan to the back up plan. I’m an engineer – we don’t leave things to chance.

Beach or mountains?
Mountains. I actually hate the beach, but its my spouse’s favorite place so I end up there all the time. Sand is not my friend.

Fancy restaurant meal or homecooked comfort food?
Fancy restaurant all the way. Cooking at home means you have to clean up. Yuck.

If I wasn’t part of Travelport’s SLT, I’d be…
Working as a bartender at some swank music theater in Hollywood.

Tom was appointed to the role of Chief Product & Technology Officer in June 2021. In his role at Travelport, Tom is charged with overseeing the development and delivery of products and solutions for the entire company.

He has more than two decades of experience leading innovation, technical strategy and execution within global technology and Internet organizations, and has worked on mobile application development, advertising, data science and large-scale data processing. Prior to Travelport, he served as Chief Technology Officer at Magnite, Inc. and has held product and technology leadership roles at Google, Ericsson and VeriSign Inc.

Tom is a bold change-maker and during his career, he personally spearheaded meaningful change within the independent advertising industry and made a significant impact on commercial models within the Cloud infrastructure space during his time at Google. Additionally, Tom is the co-founder of, a leading open-source software organization, and he continues to advocate for transparency, fairness and privacy on the open Web.

Tom is a graduate of New York University, where he earned a Diploma in Science, and of the London School of Economics, where he earned a Master of Arts degree in global and Latin American economics. Outside of the office, you’ll find him enjoying live music, snowboarding and taking long hikes.

Plan everything and have a back up plan to the back up plan. I’m an engineer - we don’t leave things to chance.
Tom Kershaw
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