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Data is the missing ingredient

Why data insights are the key to digital advertising success

Digital advertising can increase your offers’ visibility and interest globally. Maximizing conversions and competitive advantage. But to truly optimize your digital campaigns, data insights are crucial. They help deliver the rights ads, to the appropriate audience, at the ideal time.

For Hoteliers, traditional digital advertising strategies on distribution partner platforms are no longer enough. You may be able to promote your rooms and rate globally to agents, but unless you deliver real value, they could be ineffective.

Travelport has developed a range of insight, and reporting tools, around air and hotel purchase behavior. Identifying booking patterns allows a whole perspective of past and future trends to guide business decisions.

The correct data insight can help your revenue prosper.

In our experience, understanding your target audience can unlock a wealth of opportunities. From what your audience wants? Where are they traveling from and to? What are their current concerns? With data to unlock this knowledge, you can begin to tailor digital campaigns to support their needs and preferences. Helping you stand out above competitors.

How can data complement advertising activity?

Data can help shape more compelling and engaging advertising campaigns. Digital media solutions help position your offers and campaign front of mind to your target audience. Utilizing the latest data trends.

Segment and persona targeting discovers when your audience travels, how long they stay, the size of the traveling party, or how far in advance they book: the insight that allows you to tailor your approach and content advertising material.

Based on available industry and booking data, understand advanced booking patterns, tailoring campaigns to go live at critical times.

Promote your offers in the right places. Using our insights to unlock new locations where your audience may be, you can position your brand as a market leader through advertising opportunities. Raising awareness and encouraging future leads.

Understand early traveler intent and future demand. Helping you shift strategy and solutions to accommodate upcoming trends before competitors.

Insights can boost campaign conversions and engage your customers.

Your campaign will be more relevant and in tune with your audience’s needs with data insights. Effective campaign ads can boost bookings, enhance conversion rates, and grow revenues. In a competitive marketplace, communicating unique value is vital. Complimentary breakfast, airport transfer, or room upgrades could be critical to winning new customers.

Implementing data-driven digital advertising can be daunting

Trying to find insights from a wealth of data can be intimidating. But also one that requires specialist skills and knowledge. Many hoteliers have chosen to get help from Travelport’s dedicated teams of consultants, driving insights from our suite of data reporting tools covered in this article.

Collaborating with you closely on campaign creation and delivery, we can help you understand key data points to optimize your campaign performance.

Unlocking insights from a wealth of data can be intimidating but doesn’t need to be as daunting as it may sound!
Monique Jaspers-Wijn
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