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Data the missing ingredient

When it comes to maximizing the effectiveness of digital advertising, relevancy is everything!


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Why data insights are the key to digital advertising success

Digital advertising can increase visibility and bookability of your rooms and rates globally, helping you maximize conversion and competitive advantage. But to truly optimize your digital campaigns, you need data insights that help you deliver the right ads to the right customers, at the right time.

This means that, for hoteliers, traditional approaches to digital advertising on distribution partners’ platforms are no longer enough. In other words, you may be able to promote your rooms and rates to hundreds and thousands of agents globally, but unless your ads deliver real value for agents and end travelers, they could still be ignored.

Travelport has built out a range of insight and reporting tools covering Air and Hotel shopping and booking patterns allowing a full view of past and future trends to better help guide your business decisions.

[Visual to show product range & whether booking or shopping-based]

Air Search Insights – shopping

Destination Insights – Full/Lite – air booking

Hotel Search Insights – shopping

Make a bigger impact – and grow revenues – with the right data insights

In our view, the best and only way to maximize campaign impact is to understand who your target customers are, what they want from their travel experiences, and where they are travelling from and to. If you can use data to unlock these kinds of insights, you can start to build offers and digital campaigns that are perfectly aligned to travelers needs and preferences – and that means you can deliver real value above and beyond your competitors.

What kind of insights do you need?

There are lots of data insights that can help you build more compelling, more successful digital advertising campaigns. Most of these can be distilled from industry data sets related to flight and hotel bookings, which record a wide range of information about customers and their travel needs and preferences.

We’ve identified three key areas you can start to gain valuable insights:

  • Segment your travelers into ‘types’ – when do they visit, how long do customers stay, are they traveling in groups and how far in advance do they book (Destination Insights)
  • Understand advance booking patterns – deliver your campaigns based on industry shopping and booking data (Destination Insights, Air Search Insight and Hotel Search Insights)
  • Promote your offers in the right places – identify where visitors to your hotels originate from, and whether they are domestic or international (Destination Insights)
  • Understand early traveler intent and future demand trends – up to 12 months ahead (Air Search Insights and Hotel Search Insights)

How insights increase campaign conversion and engage your customers

With data insights, you can ultimately create more timely, relevant campaigns which allow you to maximize your conversion rates, boost bookings from campaign ads, and increase your revenues from digital advertising. And in highly competitive markets, you can communicate the unique value of your rooms and rates, including ancillaries such as free breakfast, airport transfers, room upgrades or others – which helps you win new customers, and ensure they keep on coming back.

Implementing data-driven digital advertising can be daunting

Trying to unlock insights from a sea of industry data can be an intimidating proposition, and one that requires specialist skills and knowledge. That’s why many hoteliers have chosen to get help from Travelport’s dedicated teams of consultants driving insights from our suite of data reporting tools covered in this article.

Working with you closely on all aspects of campaign creation and delivery, we can also help you understand key data points that let you optimize the relevancy of your campaigns

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