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Never has there been more excitement around travel and our latest research shows that travel is the most eagerly anticipated thing to do in 2022. So how are you taking advantage of this wave of enthusiasm for travel to promote your airline, hotel or destination?

Now is the moment

Now is the time to revolutionize your advertising using the latest modern digital advertising techniques to reach your audience.

Travelport’s global travel retail platform can help you reach 250,000 booking agents globally whilst generating 9 billion advertising impressions.

Using our real-time travel data, our team can help you get the maximum Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) through highly targeted advertising on our travel retail platform.

Whether you are looking to raise brand awareness or influence search, we can help you boost bookings by providing data insights and tailored advertising opportunities that will help you identify the best ways to reach and influence our global network of booking agents.

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  • 6 billion itineraries priced every day
  • 9 billion advertising impressions served
  • 67 million room nights sold
  • 45% of booking agents are influenced by in-platform digital ads
  • 34% of agents say the most effective time for promotional messages is when they sign into the travel retail platform
  • 98% of bookings are made from the first screen of search results
  • 90% of all flight views are sponsored flights
  • 50% of agents will book a hotel advertising the best rates


  • Extend your reach by advertising to our global network of 250,000 booking agents
  • Promote your brand and increase your visibility at different stages of the booking process
  • Identify new markets and audiences using real-time booking data
  • Improve your booking rate by promoting featured properties
  • Create customized promotions through tailored audience segmentation
  • Gain competitive advantage by quickly responding to market demands using the latest trend data
  • Efficiently plan marketing strategies aligned to market demand
  • Understand the right time to market each opportunity

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