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Right customer time and place

When it comes to maximizing the effectiveness of digital advertising, relevancy is everything!


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When it comes to maximizing the effectiveness of digital advertising, relevancy is everything!

Travel agents are just like the rest of us. They receive literally hundreds of messages a day – on email, on social media, and on messaging applications on their phones. That means it’s harder than ever to get their attention, and only messages that are highly relevant for them, or their customers, delivered at the optimal time have any chance of getting noticed.

In our view, the best and only way to maximize campaign impact is to understand who your target customers are, what they want from their travel experiences, and where they are travelling from and to. If you can use data to unlock these kinds of insights, you can start to build offers and digital campaigns that are perfectly aligned to travelers needs and preferences – and that means you can deliver real value above and beyond your competitors.

Rebuilding confidence is very important to booking agents right now and our recovery insights show this goes beyond finding the best deal. Travelers now also want the latest safety information, refund and exchange policy advice and destination updates.

Deliver the right offers for the right customers at the right time

Understanding customer profile, shopping, and booking data can help you identify whether more leisure travelers or more corporate travelers visit your properties, allowing you to create offers and promotions that attract them and make your hotels more competitive and desirable.

Building on these insights allow you to develop digital advertising campaigns that promote your offers in the right cities and regions to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns and grow your conversion. Conversely, you can also reduce your spending in areas where fewer travelers originate and re-deploy those resources to areas with a higher number of targeted travelers.

“Did you know?” call out box:

Travelport’s targeting capabilities extend to:

  • Origin/destination
  • Agency code
  • Behavioural search types (hotel chain code, ADR ranges,etc.)

And of course, not forgetting the right place

98% of bookings are made from the first screen of search results so placing your property at the top of agents’ search lists will further drive conversion in competitive environments. That’s why we’ve created a preferred placement solution – Featured Property – which boosts your hotel(s) to the top of agents’ search results pages.

Based on Travelport research across our entire customer base, we have found that Featured Property customers are able to convert up to twice as many lookers into bookers [stat to be visualized on webpage]. Creating a custom solutions package based on these insights we can enhance your campaign performance.

Get started with data-driven digital advertising

At Travelport, we are experts when it comes to distilling vast quantities of industry data into actionable insights that improve your digital advertising success. Our dedicated Digital Media Solutions consultants can help you understand your customers better, including what they want from their hotel accommodation, where your visitors are coming from, what types of visitors they are and how far in advance they are typically booking.

To find out more about Travelport’s Digital Media Solutions and how our dedicated consultants can help you maximize campaign impact and drive incremental bookings on our platform, please contact us via the form below today.

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