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Power of advertising

Insight unlocks options—driving bookings and revenue through distribution platforms.

A recent Phoenix Research report revealed that digital ads on distribution platforms influence 45% of agents. Demonstrating the critical importance of targeted advertising, maximizing revenue, and competitive advantage.

41% of agents use digital ads to book hotel rooms when conducting air searches

Increasing ‘attached’ hotel bookings in the GDS is the key to boosting your incremental revenues and commercial success. That’s why it’s highly relevant that agents are using hotel ads in the GDS to book rooms – both during air searches, and when they have sold an airfare to a customer.

Travelport Digital Media Solutions allow you to promote your rooms, rates and offers to more than 68,000 travel agencies around the world – that’s direct access to more than a quarter of a million individual agent desktops.

Communicating the unique value of your proposition to an audience is vital. Success can lead to increased awareness of your offering and, crucially, boost uplift in the interest of products and revenue.

43% of agents recall and revisit digital ads. Emphasizing their influence and impact on final decisions.

We have developed a broad portfolio of digital advertising solutions that maximize the impact of your marketing messages.

We are able to place your rooms and offers high up on agents’ search pages where they are most visible and most likely to be booked. We can also communicate details of your properties and offers direct to agents when they sign on to their PCs, or on search and booking pages to be able to influence search and booking decisions, even if agents are busy the first time they appear on screen.

Globally, more than two thirds of agents would book a hotel if it was a ‘great offer’, regardless of the format of promotional messages

Data insight is critical to campaign success. Travelport Digital Media Solutions helps you understand which audience types visit your profile, their needs, and expectations. Creating personalized, targeted, and compelling offers.

Additionally, we can help you prioritize regions and cities where most of your visitors originate, and we can even help you optimize the timing of your campaign based on when your target customers are most likely to book.

Take the next step and grow your business on our platform

To find out more about Travelport’s Digital Media Solutions and how our dedicated consultants can help you maximize campaign impact and drive incremental bookings on our platform, please contact us today.

Unless you want your digital advertising strategy to become a cost center, you need to be sure that you’ll generate incremental revenues from your advertising investments.
Monique Jaspers-Wijn
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