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Smartpoint 9.1 has new features to help you get more productive

Global Product Director - Travel Agency Point of Sale, Travelport

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With a new year ahead, travel agents — who have proven their grit and resilience throughout 2020 — are preparing for action with a renewed sense of purpose.

With so much transformation, and everything still to play for, what’s the priority for 2021? Is it saving time? Doing more with less? Or providing a world-class customer experience?

New features for a new year

My guess is that most agents are focusing on all of the above. This is no mean feat, and so you need the right tools up your sleeve to set you up for a better, brighter 2021.

With this in mind, we’ve given Smartpoint a refresh — and version 9.1 really packs a punch. Its new and improved features are designed to reduce manual tasks, giving you greater control and more workflow flexibility.

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Here’s what to expect from the latest release:

More time, greater productivity

Most of our agency customers identified time constraints as a huge operational challenge for them this year. The additional change/cancellation transactions — plus the demand for more information — has likely been a big strain on your agency.

We’ve introduced a number of new features to give you back lost time, by making your Smartpoint user experience faster and more efficient. Some of the key additions include:

  • Quick access to pre-paid car rates
  • The ability to modify a passenger name change on restricted carriers without the need to call the support desk
  • The ability to view change fees and commissions as well as the ability to save commission and tour codes on branded fares

Read more on Smartpoint’s Assisted Ticketing to streamline the processing of refunds and exchange and increase efficiency.

Smartpoint screen on laptop

Enhanced personalization

Who doesn’t like to set up their workflow, their way? In developing Smartpoint 9.1, we prioritized giving users greater control over their interface set-up, with new personalization features. This gives you greater flexibility to tailor your display to meet your specific needs and preferences.

With the latest Smartpoint version 9.1, you can explore a host of new personalization features, such as:

  • Improvements to the Flex Window layouts, giving you the view you need at a glance
  • The ability to customize PNR viewer buttons, meaning agents can review PNR data faster with greater flexibility

Smartpoint product screen

Happy travelers

The changing customer demands that arose during 2020 aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. But the good news is: greater productivity + a personalized interface = more time to dedicate to the customer experience. In ordinary times delivering an excellent customer experience is viewed as essential — but to stay competitive as travel recovers, agents will need to offer even better, faster service. Paired with the right price, and top supplier content, you’ve got the recipe to deliver a vastly improved traveller experience.

Some interesting additions in Smartpoint 9.1 that will help with this include:

  • Improved AAA diamond rating in Hotel Retail, making it easier to locate and advise on the best hotels

Smartpoint map

  • ‘Stay Safe’ hotel search allowing agents to highlight COVID-19 compliant hotels, which in turn will incentivize travelers to book

Smartpoint desktop monitor screen

  • And finally, even more accessibility to the Hotel Retail capability

Hit the ground running in 2021

There’s no doubt that it’s been a long year, filled with new and constantly evolving challenges. However, ending 2020 feels like a significant milestone on our collective recovery journey.

So what better way to kickstart a more prosperous 2021, than to get back more time in your day, boost your productivity, and above all else, deliver a better, faster customer experience.

Visit Travelport Marketplace to download Smartpoint 9.1 now, and get set for a brighter, better year ahead.

Learn more about Travelport Smartpoint 9.1

You can find a range of support and information on COVID-19 and recovery on our resource hub.

Please note that there are certain elements of the new Smartpoint 9.1 release which will only be available to either Galileo or Apollo customers.

We’ve given Smartpoint a refresh — and version 9.1 really packs a punch. Its new and improved features are designed to reduce manual tasks, giving you greater control and more workflow flexibility.
Robert Thornley
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