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Save the Children Partnership

Travelport partners with Save the Children

At Travelport, we’re committed to giving back to the world that we help people explore. To this end, we’ve partnered with Save the Children, an organization that helps children and families in all corners of the world who have been devastated by conflict, instability, and disaster.

Following several consecutive global crises many of our people reached out to ask how Travelport can help. We didn’t want to say ‘yes’ to one cause and ‘no’ to another — instead we wanted a partnership that could support as many people as possible. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Save the Children, a global charity that helps millions of children and families across the world and responds immediately in times of crisis.

Save the Children not only helps children and families in emergency situations, it champions learning and education for the world’s most vulnerable young people, who face extreme poverty, or are discriminated against because of their gender, disability or ethnicity.

And these shared values and commitment to learning make Save the Children a perfect charity partner for us. Travelport is also passionate about educating and empowering young people through our internship, graduate, and work experience programmes, with a focus on empowering women in STEM in particular.


Earlier this year, we kicked off an internal staff fundraising program to raise money through a series of activities. The theme was ‘Epic Events’, and teams who took part were challenged to face their fear for charity.

But this was no ordinary fundraising drive. We’re talking swimming with sharks, spending the night in a haunted house, climbing mountains, rowing rivers, and even learning how to swim in order to compete in a triathlon.


Swimming with dolphins may be on a lot of people’s bucket list, but sharks? Nuh-uh. But that’s exactly what we challenged two colleagues from our Dubai office to do. And not only have they never been scuba diving before, one is so scared of sharks he won’t even swim in the sea. Watch below as the Shark Bait team face their fear and get dropped in to a tank with four HUNDRED sharks. Gulp.


Most work trips include staying in a nice, comfy hotel. But not this one. This might just be the scariest trip Travelport has ever boo-ked, as five colleagues from across the UK and Ireland stay overnight at the Ancient Ramm Inn, reported to be the most haunted house in the UK. Watch if you dare, as the Ghouls in the House team face their fear of ghosts, witches, and demons.


Ain’t no mountain high enough to stop our Travelport interns. They were challenged to hike a whopping 80 kilometres in just four days through the Alps of France, Italy, and Switzerland. Hit play below to see the blister-burning footage of our newest recruits going round the Alps in 80ks.


Row row row your boat, gently down…the UK’s largest river? We challenged 50 Travelport employees to take on an epic rowing adventure, traveling 23 miles along the Thames in a series of team relay races. Each crew has to row for about an hour — that’s gonna mean some sore arms tomorrow. Catch the action below.


They say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. They haven’t met this Travelport team, whose epic fundraising challenge was to complete their first ever triathlon. Oh, and there’s a catch. The person doing the swimming part of the race has to learn how to swim in order to compete. Yep, you read that right. Tune in below.

We believe that our organization and our people can make a real difference. And we’re glad to do it in partnership with Save the Children.

We didn’t want to say ‘yes’ to one cause and ‘no’ to another — instead we wanted a partnership that could support as many people as possible.
Erin Watkins, VP of Global Talent and Culture
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