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Press release

Travelport and Fox World Travel extend long-standing partnership

Press Release

ATLANTA, 27 April 2021: Worldwide leader in travel retail, Travelport, today announced that Fox World Travel, a leading corporate and leisure agency in the US, will continue its more than 40-year-old partnership in anticipation of Travelport+. Travelport+ is an extensive, next-generation platform that creates a simplified, capability-rich, marketplace for travel retailing and is the centerpiece of Travelport’s new global strategy, designed to accelerate industry innovation in multi-source content, better travel retailing and delivering the best value.

As part of the multi-year agreement, Travelport will continue providing Fox World Travel with access to an increasingly broad array of travel content and its latest travel retailing solutions, including the capabilities to book and manage NDC content. The privately-owned company which serves both business and leisure travelers is excited by the strategic vision and limitless potential that Travelport+ will bring to their customers, which includes enhanced airline ticket exchange tools and a trip container to manage all aspects of the traveler’s trip.

“Travelport has been a standout technology partner for us for over 40 years, bringing the ‘all-in’ mindset that preserves a long-term relationship”, said Sam Hilgendorf, CIO at Fox World Travel. “Fox’s obsession around the traveler experience is not only understood by Travelport but empowered through our intense collaboration.  Travelport continually helps us improve our internal processes and better deliver multi-source content. As our partnership evolves, we are excited to explore new opportunities with Travelport+ to create even greater value for our customers through future merchandising capabilities.”

“We are very pleased to extend our agreement with Fox World Travel and look forward to continue sharing insights so that together, we can deliver more value to travelers for years to come,” said Maurita Baker, Vice President and Managing Director, North America at Travelport. “You don’t often come across an industry relationship that has evolved around a central focus of continually improving the traveler experience, and considering our shared commitment to simplify agent workflows, I’m confident that accelerated travel retailing innovation with Travelport+ will support Fox World Travel’s business strategy.”


Travelport has been a standout technology partner for us for over 40 years, bringing the ‘all-in’ mindset that preserves a long-term relationship.
Sam Hilgendorf, CIO at Fox World Travel
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