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Press release

Travelport Extends and Expands Partnership with Air India

Press Release

In conjunction with Travelport’s operator partner ITQ, the expanded relationship between Air India and Travelport will provide agencies in India and across the globe with enhanced retailing capabilities and more choice, including NDC-sourced content

LANGLEY UK, October 27, 2023 Travelport, a global technology company that powers travel bookings for hundreds of thousands of travel suppliers worldwide, and Air India, India’s leading global airline, announced today that they have extended and expanded their multi-year distribution agreement to include New Distribution Capability (NDC) content and servicing.

The agreement further expands the collaboration between Travelport and Air India, confirming the future delivery of a complete NDC solution which will provide Travelport’s global network of travel agencies the ability to easily search, shop and service Air India’s product offerings.

“Our valued partnership with Travelport is an important part of our growth and technology strategy as we prepare to deliver a complete solution that makes it easy for agents to access and service Air India’s content and offers,” said Nipun Aggarwal, Chief Commercial and Transformation Officer at Air India. “Travelport+ will elevate our technology investment and the future roll out of NDC-sourced content, so that together, we can ensure agents and travelers have a seamless, modern retailing experience.”

Travelport and Air India remain committed to providing travel agencies worldwide with more choices and a fast, easy way to search and book the best options that meet travelers’ needs. This renewed agreement between Travelport and Air India ensures that Travelport subscribers continue to have simplified access to Air India’s extensive network of destinations, which will continue to expand and evolve.

“Our expanded agreement with Air India positions Travelport and our operator partner ITQ to continue driving modern travel retailing as the leading travel technology partner of choice for travel agencies in India,” said Damian Hickey, Global Head of Airline Partners at Travelport. “As part of Air India’s future technology strategy, our collaboration on NDC will be complemented by the superior retailing and merchandizing solutions available in Travelport+, which ultimately make it easier for agents to operate as modern retailers and deliver exceptional service experiences for travelers flying Air India.”

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About Travelport

Travelport is a global technology company that powers bookings for hundreds of thousands of travel suppliers worldwide. Buyers and sellers of travel are connected by the company’s next generation marketplace, Travelport+, which simplifies how brands connect, upgrades how travel is sold, and enables modern digital retailing. Headquartered in London, United Kingdom and operating in more than 165 countries around the world, Travelport is focused on driving innovation that simplifies the complex travel ecosystem.


About Interglobe Technology Quotient

InterGlobe Technology Quotient (ITQ), a strategic business unit of InterGlobe Enterprises, holds leadership position in travel technology industry with its avant-garde travel technology solutions. By offering unparalleled inventory options to travel agents, ITQ renders the process of travel booking and agency management, seamless. As the sole distributor of Travelport in India, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Bhutan, ITQ invigorates the connection between travel agents and airlines through a vast network of data.

With innovation fueling its operations since 2005, ITQ has been technologizing travel agents with inventory, interface and intelligence by being the neural system of travel agencies in India. Connected to nearly 22,000+ agency terminals, ITQ serves over 13,000 customers, including travel management companies, online travel agencies and retail agencies, in almost 600+ cities while providing unparalleled assistance through 24X7 helpdesk.


About Air India

Founded by the legendary JRD Tata, Air India pioneered India’s aviation sector. Since its first flight on October 15, 1932, Air India has built an extensive domestic network with non-stop flights to cities around the world, across the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Far-East, South-East Asia, Australia, and the Gulf. After 69 years as a government-owned enterprise, Air India and Air India Express were welcomed back into the Tata group in January 2022.

Air India is navigating through a major five-year transformation roadmap under the aegis of Vihaan.AI, with an ambition to become a world class airline with an Indian heart. The first phase of this transformation, the taxi phase was recently concluded, and focused on fixing the basics. These included bringing back to service many long grounded aircraft, addition of talent across flying and ground functions, rapid upgradation of technology and strengthening of customer care initiatives amongst others.

A member of Star Alliance, the largest global airline consortium of leading international airlines, Air India offers seamless connectivity and facilities to passengers all over the world.

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Travelport+ will elevate our technology investment and the future roll out of NDC-sourced content, so that together, we can ensure agents and travelers have a seamless, modern retailing experience.
Nipun Aggarwal, Chief Commercial and Transformation Officer at Air India
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