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Travelport Agency Private Fares

Managing your private fares for productivity and profit


Agency Private Fares is a web-based tool designed to help you drive revenue and fulfill supplier targets. With it you can build private fare and rule information from paper contracts, view private content from preferred carriers, and determine specific markup values for your travel counselors to sell. Whether it's private fare contracts you need to get into your agents' hands, or airlines filing private fares on your behalf, Agency Private Fares provides the tools to get the job done.



Industry standard technology

Real-time API service that allows access to the functionality behind the Agency Private Fares product and updates to the APF database.


Integrated fare display

Quickly load negotiated fares stored in a local fare system directly into Travelport 360 fares, which fully integrates public fares, agency private fares, and airline private fares.


Save time and money

Save input time by 60%-80% for a standard contract and 20%-40% for a calculated contract by downloading fares and rules in seconds.


Make your negotiated content available

Once you have a signed contract in hand, with all the fare and rule details specified, you can ensure that those details get into our 360Fares pricing system, allowing agents to sell while you reap the rewards.

Key Features

Put your private fares to work

Use painstakingly negotiated fares to your advantage by adding a markup that will drive your top line revenues.

Private screenshot

Know what you have

Are you aware of the private fare content out there for your agents to sell? Net Fare Manager and Selling Fare Management can quickly show you all of your private fare content, both net and selling, as well as all your existing markups.

Know what you have

Keep up-to-date

Travel data is changing constantly, and private fares are no exception. We have the tools to show you what has changed recently, as well as which data is soon set to expire, so that you will always be up-to-date and informed.

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