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Service and Support FAQ

Your questions,

Looking for support? MyTravelport is the only destination you need.
It’s a self-service portal where agents and suppliers can access tools, training, and request support — all through a single sign-on. To help you get started, we’ve got a list of helpful tips and FAQs below, so you can skip the queues and get fast-track access to simple troubleshooting solutions.

Use MyTravelport to…

  1. Access our Knowledge base
  2. Request client ID resets
  3. Request host password resets
  4. Open an incident with helpdesk
  5. Chat to a helpdesk agent
  6. Access MyLearning and complete training

Problem logging into MyTravelport? Forgotten your password?

  1. Go to MyTravelport
  2. Click on ‘Forgot your password’ link
  3. Enter your email to reset it

Still can’t log in — or don’t have a MyTravelport account?

  1. Go to MyTravelport
  2. Click on the ‘Having problems logging in? See FAQs’ link on the homepage of MyTravelport
  3. Open support chat
  4. Provide your name and email address
  5. An email with a code will be sent to you to verify your email address.


Find an extensive collection of troubleshooting articles under Help and Resources > Knowledge Base.

And search by keyword or topic to easily find your answer:

To reset your client ID, click Reset Client ID > then select the PCC the client ID belongs to:

Select the number of Client ID(s), enter the Client ID(s) in the space provided, and click submit. You will receive an email confirmation when the ticket is submitted containing the status of the processed Client IDs.

Reset your Travelport+ password, by clicking Request Host Password > then click on Request temporary password. You will receive a new password via your registered email address.

Go to Help and Resources > Travelport support (a new tab will open) > Raise a case > Travelport Support Request

Got a billing enquiry or need to update your bank account details?

Simply go to MyTravelport > Help and resources > Travelport Support > Raise a case > Select ‘Billing queries’ or ‘Update bank details’ and submit your query.

Access the Help and Resources menu and select Travelport Support. In the bottom right corner, click the button to start a chat

Access MyLearning by clicking on “Help and resources”, and then MyLearning. There, you’ll find scheduled Webex training sessions, plus recorded training sessions on various topics.

To complete eLearning modules, go to MyLearning > select the Learning Portal icon.

Select VIEW on the Travelport+ tile to view available eLearning for Travelport+ (Smartpoint)

Select VIEW to launch the chosen learning.

Launch the first module by selecting the module (press) and begin the course, press register.

When you have completed your self-paced learning session, make sure to follow the instructions on screen so your progress is logged. Navigate to the final slide before selecting CLOSE or SUBMIT to record your self-paced eLearning.

Got billing questions?

Our billing service Concentric offers speedy electronic delivery of all Travelport invoices and incentive-related data. It also lets you manage your account at any time, retrieve detailed account information, and view GTID data, submit billing queries, and search, sort, and download your billing documents.

Not registered for Corcentric?

  1. Access Concentric
  2. Click on “I would like to register” and fill out the registration request completely
  3. In the “Customer Number” field, please enter your Travelport customer number (CIDB) in the format 0000xxxxxx. If you do not know your CIDB, you can find it in Smartpoint by entering C*CIDBNUMBER or take it from your Travelport contract
  4. In the field <PCC/SID>, please enter your Travelport PCC (Pseudo City Code)
  5. Fill the rest of the fields and now click on “Send Request”
  6. Once your registration has been successfully checked, you will receive your access data by e-mail
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