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Travel Management Company


Travelport Exclusive Rates

Clarity is the UK’s 8th largest Travel Management Company (TMC). The organization combines 60 years of experience with investments in game-changing travel technologies, to deliver services and solutions that are closely aligned with its clients’ objectives. Clarity’s core mission is to deliver the greatest possible value for every client, which is reflected in £5 of client savings for every £1 the company earns in fees.

Clarity offers excellent quality, high-touch services for corporate customers, including special negotiated hotel rates. However, these rates were not previously available to all customers across the company’s portfolio, including customers booking a lower volume of rooms.


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“Some customers couldn’t previously access negotiated rates, which meant we couldn’t add value for them, and they were more likely to make self-service bookings via online travel agencies. We wanted to offer great negotiated rates to all clients across our portfolio, regardless of their travel budgets, to maximize satisfaction, retention, and revenues.”

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Julia Clark
Head of Systems and Process — Clarity

Exclusive, preferential rates negotiated by Travelport

To maximize value for every customer, Clarity has implemented Travelport Exclusive Rates: a process that was fast and easy. “It was just a question of adding the codes into the system along with the Travelport logo. The whole process only took a few minutes, and we sent out a one-page communication to get consultants booking the codes.”

Initially, Travelport Exclusive Rates was deployed across Clarity’s offline booking channels, and it has now been deployed across all online platforms as well. “We used our offline channels to build a business case for rolling out Travelport Exclusive Rates across the business, and we’ve now gone live across all our platforms and booking tools.”

With Travelport Exclusive Rates, Clarity can now offer negotiated rates to SME customers with more limited travel budgets. “We’ve integrated Travelport Exclusive Rates into Clarity Hub, which is our service platform used by around 350 small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) customers. As a result, these customers can book exclusive, preferential rates that have been negotiated by Travelport, either through an agent or using our online booking tool.”


  • Negotiated rates for clients with smaller travel spend
  • Increased SME client loyalty & revenues
  • New competitive advantage vs OTAs

Better value for customers

With Travelport Exclusive Rates, Clarity created Clarity Hub to provide greater value for its customers, fostering higher levels of loyalty and satisfaction. “The fact that we couldn’t previously deliver negotiated rates for some customers didn’t align with our core mission to maximize value for every client. Because we put customer service at the heart of everything we do, we’re delighted to be able to offer negotiated rates even for clients with the lowest annual travel budgets.”

More loyalty and customer satisfaction

The enhanced service experience for Clarity Hub customers will ultimately convert into new revenue opportunities for Clarity. “We built Clarity Hub to offer high-touch, high-value services for SME customers, which will result in stronger, more profitable client relationships. By integrating Travelport Exclusive Rates into the platform, we are delivering even more value for clients on the Hub, which will lead to greater loyalty and new revenue opportunities.”

Clarity Travelport case study

In particular, customers will be far less likely to book independently using online travel agencies. “We always want the best content on our platforms to ensure that clients book via our agents or our online platform. Travelport Exclusive Rates makes us even more competitive and reduces the risk of clients benchmarking other sites or booking elsewhere.”

Finally, Clarity has been able to deliver negotiated rates with no additional in-house resources. “With Travelport Exclusive Rates, all this was done for us, which means we can deliver all that new value for our customers with almost no additional effort from our side. The product gives us even higher returns on our Travelport investments, which is great news for our business.”

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