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I was very happy at first and thought this app suggested will save me money! But prices of tickets increased and I lost money!!! Plus. The current prices are always way overpriced compared to other travel apps!

Makes an already stressful operation even more so. The forms do not remember information as you traverse back and forth through the journey. Constantly bombarded about seat selection, along with vague wording on the final screen suggestion you need to select a seat to take a cabin bag. UX is a joke.

Why are there no combined (Hotel+flight) deals showing on the new app. I can only click on them separately.

Overcomplicated, too many ads and too much info for each search. Too much hassle to build a trip — instead of asking when you want to go, from where, where you want to stay, for how long, you almost need to book the flights in order to go to the next step.

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