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How to Sell Hotels

Recovering with hotel sales

Travel restrictions are easing but still in flux. Which makes domestic travel, including a hotel stay, a natural choice for travelers itching to take trips again. For agencies, this is a route back to business. But that also means keeping up with an overload of safety information, travel trends, and more. This Hotel Hub does your homework for you — bringing you information, tools, and tips to get the most from selling hotel, whether you’re on Smartpoint or API.

Why Travelport for hotel

New Preferences

COVID-19 has drastically altered consumer behavior. Many travelers are avoiding cities, opting for less-crowded suburban or rural areas. For agents, this means choosing from different hotel types than what’s usually on offer. Travelport gives you the right level of choice to accommodate these changes.

Exclusive deals

Safety is still priority number one for travelers. But everyone loves a deal, and it may help to influence people to book. Travelport Exclusive Rates allows you beef up your offer and entice travelers to book, by including an ‘exclusive’ element (like complimentary breakfast or free Wi-Fi).

More % for agents

Hotels pay agents bigger commissions. Add the most competitive flat rate types to the mix (consortia, exclusive, and negotiated), and you’re set up to start selling again. We help agents to quickly and easily compare the best value deal — generating more commission for you each booking session.

Safety updates

Agents are under huge pressure to provide hotel safety advice. Trawling for information is not how you want to spend your valuable time. Travelport provides updates on restrictions and hotel safety measures within the platform — keeping you productive and valuable to your customer.

Hotel Retailing Features

Travelport has made specific changes to enable better hotel sales on our platform throughout COVID-19. It offers everything you need in one place for getting back to business including:

  • Hotel options presented in variety of mediums, including images and video
  • Ability to email traveler quotes, plus booked itineraries with all details automatically in one place
  • Highly competitive best available rates (consortia, exclusive, and negotiated)
  • Ability to view NorthStar media and AAA ratings, plus integrated reviews from TripAdvisor
  • Integrated location mapping offers visual aids for search, booking, and creating itineraries that can be shared with customers

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