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Travelport CETS Sustainability

Sustainability in CETS

"We can be the first generation to succeed in eliminating poverty, and at the same time perhaps the last generation that still has a chance to save our planet."

(Ban-Ki Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations from 2007 to 2016)

Who says you can’t travel the world and take care of it at the same time?

Travelport CETS helps you choose the most environmentally sustainable options for your customers so they can do just that.
And by advising your customers on how they can help protect both the planet and human rights through their travel choices, you’ll be making an important contribution yourself.

With Travelport CETS, you can make the difference.

Sustainably better

The CETS sustainability label helps you to quickly find the most sustainable options for your customers. All offers bearing the “sustainability” label in CETS have met the most strict and official criteria, so you can advise your customers with certainty.


We’ve partnered with Ecotrans to gather a collection of certified sustainable offers from over 20 international and state recognized sources — all available at your fingertips using the CETS booking system.

By partnering with Ecotrans, we’re also able to eliminate misleading, or “greenwashed” offers, so you can be confident that nothing is labeled as “green” on CETS if it isn’t.

The comparison matrix in the hotel search gives you an easy view of the various certifications, as well as which services and criteria they include.


  • Integration of international and state-recognized seals of approval and their certified services
  • Prevention of “greenwashing” (when a product shows itself as “green” but isn’t)
  • Offers are labelled as “sustainable” by an independent and external source
  • The details and criteria of each certificate are accessible via one, easy to read matrix linked through the Tourism2030 portal
  • The criteria for sustainability certification are broken into three categories:
    • Sustainability Coverage (GSTC Recognised)
    • Credibility (GSTC accredited or independent onsite audit)
    • Transparency
  • Certifications are checked regularly to ensure they’re up to date and accurate

We keep an eye on it

Travelport CETS collates and promotes certified offers to help you pinpoint the most environmentally sustainable options during the booking process.

The “Travelport Eye” acts a filter in PowerSearch, highlighting the certified offers among the search results. You can then view the corresponding certificates by opening the hotel details and clicking into the “Sustainability Information” tab.

Our values

This project began from a sense of responsibility as a global technology group to ensure we’re doing our part as global citizens. By participating in this project, we’re also helping to support goal number 12 of the UN’s Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development:

Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns

(Image source: Federal Chancellery Republic of Austria)

Our goals for the travel industry

It’s important to us that there’s a growing awareness of sustainability throughout the travel industry.

We ensure more sustainable choices in consumption and production.

We want to promote sustainable tourism through increased bookings of certified services – and make it measurable.

Offering sustainable options to travelers will help providers stand out from the competition, as well as strengthen the travel industry and it’s stakeholders.

The sustainability label minimizes existing distortions of competition in the comparison portals.

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