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As a travel retailer, your business needs the right technology partner to continue to meet travelers’ changing expectations. By working collaboratively with our customers, we deliver value across every part of the travel ecosystem — making travel easier and more rewarding for everyone.

Our four pillars

Travel choice


Travel performance


Travel experience


Delivering travel intelligence


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Connecting travel choice

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...through partnerships with buyers and suppliers

Travel choice

We’re in the age of self-service, where travelers crave choice. Travelport helps you put your customers first, giving you access to the widest range of content and delivering the choice and flexibility that travelers expect.

This means providing low-cost carrier air content in addition to traditional carriers. It means offering not only car rental content, but also chauffer services. And it means integrating micro-hotel properties, as well as the major hotel chains.

For travel suppliers, we make it easy for you to connect your content, including branded fares and ancillaries, into our platform. And for agencies, we help you do what you do best — provide expert travel advice with the full range of travel content at your fingertips.

"Travelport Rich Content and Branding allows us to take the selling experience away from just a simple letter and number. Using images and visuals is by far the best way to really convey what our product is about."
—Amos Khim, MD, Sales and Distribution, United Airlines

Driving travel performance

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Travel performance

Every party across the travel ecosystem is facing increasing complexity. That’s why we strive for simplicity, applying our expertise to make travel management easier and to find better ways of working.

Firstly, through automation. As trips become more complex, we deliver technology that helps remove manual processes for travel retailers by applying automated workflows to tasks like schedule changes and trip disruption. This gives your business time to focus on what matters — improving the customer experience and driving business performance.

Next, through speed of search. Our platform is optimized for speed and simplicity. We are constantly increasing our search speed through the use of smarter algorithms, machine learning, and caching strategies, making the searching and shopping experience easier for everyone.

Finally, through ease of connectivity. We make it easy for suppliers to connect their suite of branded products into our platform, and for buyers to book them — through whatever channels they choose.

“We were able to roll out Travelport branded fares for our first airline in just three months from end to end and adding subsequent airlines has been very quick and simple.”
— Roberto Ramos, Director of Strategic Alliances, Atrápalo

Empowering travel experiences

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...through bold innovation

Travel Experience

Meeting the expectations of today’s ultra-connected traveler is a top priority for travel retailers. Using the latest in mobile technology and great UX and design expertise, we collaborate with you to help you leverage every moment across the trip, with mobile and digital services that transform the travel experience.

Working together, we use creativity and innovative thinking to challenge what’s been done before and create world-class travel experiences. We’ve partnered with our customers to deliver features at the forefront of mobile innovation — augmented reality, voice search, and visual search.

Our messaging capabilities also enable your business to be there for your travelers at every step, through targeted, personalized, and contextual messaging.

"What Travelport brings to the partnership is a wealth of expertise, loads of innovation and great strategic direction."
— Daniel Young, Former Head of Digital Experience at easyJet

Delivering travel intelligence

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Travel intelligence

To stay one step ahead of your competitor, you need access to rich, extensive data that can be turned in to actionable intelligence. These insights enable your business to be agile, spot new opportunities, and act on them quickly.

With more than six billion travel-related messages a day, we have a wealth of valuable information to share with our customers. This gives you the right data to help you understand your markets such — as flight passenger volumes and point of sale data — from every source possible.

It’s also your dashboard for making key business decisions. You can use it to answer those critical business questions on your competitors, how you perform against them, and how to outperform them.

“We estimate that our revenues have grown by around 15% since we’ve been analyzing market data with Travelport Competitive Insights. It has definitely contributed to this revenue upturn, allowing us to prioritize key routes and destinations and make data-driven marketing and pricing decisions.”
— Per Mohseni, CEO, RCG