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Maximize your digital advertising conversion

Tips for creating adverts that maximize conversion on the GDS

Human beings are unique. We’re able to cut through information to find what we need. It allows us to be efficient with our time. Produce more. Chase the results we aim for.

If you thought all digital ads were created equal, think again. Research has shown what’s in your ad matters, from the offer itself. To the keywords you choose. To the details included. Optimizing your ads increases your chances of conversions and generates additional revenue through bookings.

Great offers are the biggest driver of ad success.

Digital ads on the GDS typically outperform other channels. But the offer itself is still the most significant factor in your quest to maximize conversion. 67% of agents would click on ads that promote ‘great offers.

Precisely what is a great offer? They typically offer travelers discounts on rooms or ancillaries or added extras such as complimentary breakfasts and Wi-Fi. Ads promoting high commissions for agents are also typically phenomenally successful.

Agents would like to see hotel IDs featured in digital ads

Agents need to do things quickly to maximize their productivity and commissions. That includes searching hotels and offer availability from digital ads. For this reason, ads that have (typically 5-digit) hotel IDs tend to outperform those that don’t.

Keywords and phrases in ads are crucial in encouraging agents to book

The wording of digital ads is hugely important in terms of their ability to convert more searches into purchases. Keywords featured in advertisements that increase the likelihood of booking include ‘Discount,’ ‘Fifty percent off,’ ‘Promotions,’ ‘Offer,’ and ‘Price.’ The word ‘Commissions’ was also seen as attractive for agents. Specific words around ancillaries or extras were included, such as ‘Free breakfast’ or ‘All-inclusive.’

Graphical and ‘landing page’ ads are popular with agents and effectively communicate the unique benefits.

Agents would view ads to find out more about the hotel supplier globally. The GDS graphical ad is a format that works very well for leading agents to landing page ads. Providing more details on a hotel supplier, property, or specific promotion is essential.

Find out how Travelport can help optimize your digital ads

Combining data-driven insights, efficient targeting, and the creation of captivating adverts help to create increased conversions.

We hope you’re feeling inspired to contact Travelport to optimize your digital advertising and boost conversions. Get in touch for more information about our Digital Media Solutions and how they can help you grow your business through Travelport Global Digital solutions.

You need to push the boundaries to gain the extra advantage in your advertising, start your advert optimization now with these great tips.
Monique Jaspers-Wijn
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