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Travelport selected to host Scaled Agile, Inc.’s mid-year Voice of the Customer Council

June 18 2019

Press release

Scaled Agile, Inc. invites Travelport to share best practices from its successful Scaled Agile Framework® implementation and host flagship event

Denver, June 18, 2019: Travelport, a leading travel commerce platform, was invited to host Scaled Agile, Inc.’s mid-year Voice of the Customer Council. Travelport was chosen due to its effective Agile transformation strategy while the conference will give attendees the opportunity to share successes and best practices with fellow Scaled Agile, Inc. clients.  The exclusive event will be held at Travelport’s Denver facilities on June 19, 2019.

Travelport began implementing the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) early last year as part of its digital transformation, to help ensure customer needs are top of mind through every step of product development and across the entire business. In May 2018, Travelport launched its first Agile Release Train (ART), a small, cross-functional team of teams dedicated to defining, building, testing and deploying customer solutions in a 10-week time period. Since then, Travelport has successfully moved 85 percent of its eligible technology workforce into the practice of SAFe, now with 12 active ARTs and 107 Agile teams across technology, product, human resources, finance and marketing.

Dean Leffingwell, Co-Founder and Chief Methodologist at Scaled Agile Inc., said: “Travelport is a superior example of successful agile transformation using our framework. The best practices and lessons learned at Travelport throughout this process has been very valuable, helping us to better support other businesses throughout their own transformations. We look forward to continuing our work with Travelport and helping the company to disrupt the travel industry through delivering innovative, valuable technology solutions to its customers.” 

Travelport recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of its first ART launch, using SAFe – one of the world’s leading frameworks for enterprise agility provided by Scaled Agile, Inc. Scaled Agile, Inc. has played an incremental role in supporting Travelport’s successful SAFe implementation. Travelport trains deliver products with 92% predictability, increasing customer confidence.

Gordon Wilson, President and CEO of Travelport said: “We’ve just celebrated the one-year anniversary of our SAFe adoption and we are already seeing the benefit through faster decision-making, increased accountability and higher colleague and customer satisfaction. We’ve become a leader in the field in a very short space of time and so have been invited to play a pivotal role in the ongoing discussions and advancements of the Scaled Agile Framework.  It is a privilege to host the team from Scaled Agile and our peers at this year’s Council.” 

Travelport chose the SAFe® framework to help support its ambitious enterprise transformation plan because of its insightful and actionable program supported by continuous training and education. With its vast industry knowledge and expertise, Scaled Agile, Inc. was the appropriate partner to help Travelport transform its long-established culture with efficient, effective and Lean operations. 

Charles Fleet, VP, Technology at Travelport said: “It’s amazing to see how quickly we have been able to implement SAFe and we’re extremely proud of the work we’ve put into becoming a scaled Agile organization. Like many enterprise organizations undergoing an Agile transformation, our primary goal is to keep our customers and employees top of mind throughout the product development lifecycle. We look forward to sharing best practices with other enterprise companies at the upcoming Voice of the Customer Council.”  

About Travelport

Travelport is the technology company which makes the experience of buying and managing travel continually better.  It operates a travel commerce platform providing distribution, technology, payment and other solutions for the global travel and tourism industry.  The company facilitates travel commerce by connecting the world’s leading travel providers with online and offline travel buyers in a proprietary business-to-business (B2B) travel platform.

Travelport has a leading position in airline merchandising, hotel content and distribution, car rental, mobile commerce and B2B payment solutions.  The company also provides IT services to airlines, such as shopping, ticketing, departure control and other solutions.  With net revenue of over $2.5 billion in 2018, Travelport is headquartered in Langley, U.K., has over 3,700 employees and is represented in approximately 180 countries and territories.

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