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New self-service data portal offers 5 key benefits for your airline

November 4, 2020
Ralph Bullock
Ralph Bullock
Senior Manager Airline Customer Strategy and Marketing

COVID-19 has shown us how valuable self-service tools can be. To reduce the huge pressure on call-centers at the start of the pandemic, airlines moved quickly to empower their customers to resolve queries themselves. This had delivered faster response and resolution times, and ultimately resulted in fewer frustrated customers. 

Applying the same logic, airline professionals too need better self-service capabilities. This means having the right tools at their fingertips, which provide additional data and insight onto demand, travel agency behavior, data trends, fluctuations, and more. To support airline recovery, Travelport investigated how we could give our Rich Content and Branding customers more autonomy, and help them to get the most from this feature of our platform. I’m happy to share that our solution, the new Rich Content and Branding Data Insights tool, is now available for airline customers.

What does the tool do?

For any readers not already aware, Rich Content and Branding on Travelport’s booking platform enables airlines to communicate their offers to bookers by adding branded elements to their content. This typically includes images, product descriptions and sales messages. What does this mean for agents? Well, just as travelers wouldn’t fly on an unbranded plane, agents are less likely to engage with unbranded content. This feature helps them to better visualize, understand, remember, and promote offers at the point of sale. 

In the past, we produced reports for airlines on how their branded content is performing. But recently, we’ve been working to give them the power to do this themselves — with our continued support, of course. 

Now, our airline partners can access a self-service portal to mine their own data. This is presented to the user in an intuitive way, including charts and graphs that can be filtered according to requirements. The site is provisioned for data for your airline only, with a username and password provided. And full training is given by the Travelport team, to help get you started. 

Data Insights Tool

A range of useful data reports can be generated, from customer interaction levels, incremental revenues, and average upsell amount, to point of sale values, origin and destination information, and brand usage insights. 

All of this can be used to get a clearer overview of how your content is performing, what is generating upsell opportunities, and which agents are engaging with your brand.

How will this benefit my airline?

Using this self-servicing portal, our airlines customers can use the data mentioned above in the following ways:

1. Optimize your branded fares content and structure

Use real-time ‘big data’, supported with best practice ideas from Travelport, to see how your content is performing, quickly and easily. Identify which brands are performing best, monitor promotional fare brands usage, and analyze the performance of individual fare brands on different routes.

2. Track and analyze incremental upsell
Review and improve the performance of upsells, and see what incremental revenue is being generated. Identify which agents are driving upsells, on which routes and in which markets. Optimize fare levels, availability, and branded content to react accordingly and secure the perfect balance of volume and yield. 

3. Grow agency awareness

Discover which agents are selling your brands, and target those not currently engaging with your offers. 

4. Compare your brand’s performance to industry benchmarks

Data for other airlines is aggregated into the tool, but don’t worry — it maintains data confidentiality by omitting specific carrier names. This allows you to see how your airline compares to the competition.

5. Save time
Self-service means no waiting time to generate reports. This means you get information faster, when you need it — a huge advantage when you consider the rapidly changing nature of the COVID-19 situation in destinations. And our team of experts is still on hand to answer any questions you may have.

How will this support airline recovery?

Before COVID-19 struck the industry, we were already in an age of many choices. It is widely recognized that this abundance of options makes decision-making more complex — and so, tools that simplify this process are extremely valuable. And now, as we come to the end of the most turbulent year in history for the travel industry, people want to know what they are getting more than ever before. While this might seem counter-intuitive right now with fewer people traveling, this makes marketing actions more important than ever during a pandemic

"This data allows us to take up strategic decisions with focus on the markets that require further development to gain revenue.”
Pawel Kordaszewski,
LOT Polish Airlines, Distribution Manager

Many airlines are already using Rich Content and Branding to achieve their business goals. But as some airlines fight for survival and others start their recovery journey, they need every possible advantage to improve yield. Self-service within this platform feature offers huge potential on this front. By gaining a better understanding of how your branded content is performing, this will help to inform better decision making through recovery and beyond. 

It will also enable your airline to put out offers to customers that can be adapted to different requirements and different times, as needed. This will help to secure a balance between a decent load factor and generating revenue — critical at this time. And as NDC progresses, with its API-delivered offers, this could, in theory, work so fast that you could be adjusting the content of the offer on an almost daily basis. This highlights the further need to have access to real-time data.

To get started with Rich Content & Branding Air Insights, and to find out more about self-service, please contact your Travelport Account Manager today. 

Contact your Travelport Account Manager to learn more or request your access